Undergoing Chiropractic
Treatment for the First Time?

We welcome new patients every day at Bucek Chiropractic.
Below are some suggestions for you as a new patient.


New Patient Paperwork
Fill out the forms below online before you appointment.


Please bring any x-ray films/disks and reports or copies of any MRI or CT scan reports ordered in the past year with you to discuss with the doctor.


How long will your first visit be?

The first visit, generally, takes about 30 minutes to an hour based on your medical history, injuries, and current condition. The doctor could administer or order some more tests if he feels it would be beneficial for your care.

Before beginning care, you will understand your condition and its treatment, insurance coverage, your financial obligations, and further visits. Dr. Bucek will then decide whether to begin your treatment on the same day or not, depending on your condition.