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Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions. Not seeing the answer to your questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via phone (call or text) at (331)- 248-5777 or email:

  • How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
    If it’s more than 24-hours prior to the time of the scheduled appointment, you can use the app or online schedule to cancel or reschedule your appointment, as well as contact our office directly. If it’s less than 24-hours prior to the time of your scheduled appointment, you will have to contact our office directly to cancel or reschedule. You will not be able to do it on the app/ online scheduler. Also, any notification less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time is subject to a $50.00 per-appointment fee.
  • What style or techniques does Dr. Bucek perform?
    Dr. Bucek is well-versed in a variety of adjustment techniques. Here are a few: Drop table/Thompson, Diversified, Activator. The type of adjustment that each patient receives is based on their exam findings and the overall goal for their treatment. After all, Dr. Bucek wouldn’t adjust a 250-lb linebacker the same way he would a 110-lb gymnast!
  • How often do I need to be adjusted?
    It depends on the phase of care you’re currently in. While most people who experience quite a bit of discomfort require a higher quantity of adjustments over a shorter time frame, most people are surprised by how quickly they can start feeling better in just a handful of visits. Dr. Bucek will communicate with you how your first few appointments will go and how he’ll measure your progress.
  • What is an "adjustment"?
    The chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, yet dynamic thrust applied to a particular spinal joint in such a way as to generate movement in a specific direction. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper mechanics of the spine, thus enhancing joint function, correcting specific joint problems, and preventing injury due to improper spinal dynamics. This facet of chiropractic care principally affects problems that are musculoskeletal in nature. Because of the relationship between spinal nerves and organ function, the removal of nerve interference by the correction of spinal fixations is thought to enhance many other areas of general health as well.
  • Do I need to be an athlete to see Dr. Bucek?
    Nope! Dr. Bucek takes care of a wide range of patients: infants/toddlers, kids/teens, weekend-warriors, athletes at every level, etc. Dr. Bucek is Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (DACBSP®, 1 of 5 in the state, actually) but you do not have to be an athlete to see him. Dr. Bucek’s training and hands-on experience allows him to be able to diagnose and treat a wide of injuries regardless of who they are.
  • How long is the new chiropractic patient appointment?
    Typically, a new chiropractic patient appointment takes between 30 – 45mins. Infants and children under 10 years old, first appointments typically take 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Do I have to do maintance care?
    Short answer—no. But, why not? Numerous studies have documented the benefits of regular trips to the chiropractor as it can help with chronic issues, reduce flare ups, and help maintain proper mobility and flexibility. We were designed to move—regular chiropractic care helps the body do just that! For some people, a maintenance routine may be only one visit a month. For others that are more active, once a week—it’s a discussion that Dr. Bucek will have with you to help determine what’s appropriate and most beneficial for you.
  • Can chiropractic care improve my athletic performance?
    Yes, research shows that chiropractic treatment can enhance athletic performance by improving joint mobility, improving posture, optimizing nervous system functionality, and maintaining proper spine alignment. Regular chiropractic treatment can help athletes recover faster from injuries by reducing pain and inflammation, accelerating natural healing processes, and restoring peak functionality.
  • Should I continue treatment during my “off-season” from my sport?
    Yes—we cannot stress enough how important “off-season” treatment is for athletes. During the season, most injuries and problem areas can’t heal/recover fully due to being continuously in-use, sometimes overworked, and strained between practices and games. So, we consider “in season” treatment as more of a pain management/treatment phase. Dr. Bucek will work on reducing pain and preventing injuries from becoming worse. So “off-season” is when treatment for the long-term benefit begins, allowing Dr. Bucek to focus on repair and recovery treatment phase.
  • What injuries can Dr. Bucek diagnosis and treat that might surprise people?
    As a Board-Certified Sports Physician, Dr. Bucek treats a variety of injuries. To name a few: Hamstring strains, Concussions, Groin pulls, Wrist tendinitis, Shin splints, Tennis elbow, Rotator cuff tendinitis/tears, ACL & PCL tears, MCL & LCL tears, Ankle sprains, Shoulder dislocations, Posture, TMJ/ jaw pain.
  • Can I get adjusted while I'm pregent?
    You bet you can! A growing belly is something to cherish during pregnancy, but it’s also notorious for throwing the body out of balance. It’s no secret that weight gain, altered posture, hormonal shifts, and other changes cause physical strain on an expectant parent. Plus, a necessary hormone called relaxin is at work preparing your body to loosen, grow, and stretch, but may also wreak havoc on previously stable joints. Pregnancy-related pain may be common, but you don’t have to suffer through it!
  • Does Dr. Bucek adjust/treat at the first new patient appointment?
    Absolutely! Unless there’s something in your history or exam determining otherwise you will receive your first adjustment (or any additional treatments) the first day you walk through our doors. We want you to start feeling better ASAP!
  • What if I don’t have Chiropractic coverage in my insurance policy or you’re not in-network with my health care payer?
    Not a problem! We offer cash rates for patients whose insurance payer we are not in-network with or if you do not have any chiropractic care coverage in your policies. This is why we verify insurance benefits/coverage before you walk through our door for the first time.
  • What is the difference between Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) and my Thera gun?
    Simply put, the RRT uses high frequency vibration to break up muscle adhesions/scar tissue at a rate of 10,000 RPM. This FDA Registered Class 1 medical device can be used over every surface of the body (bones, joints, tendons, small muscles, etc.). On the other hand, the Thera gun (and similar products) use percussion at a rate of about 600-900 RPM and can be used only over large muscle groups and cannot be used over bony areas (where most tendon injuries occur) due to the “jack hammering” effect that occurs, where the Thera gun bounces around instead of administering the necessary treatment to the injured site.
  • Does Dr. Bucek do x-rays at the first new patient appointment?
    No, Dr. Bucek does not do any in-office imaging. If imaging is required, Dr. Bucek will provide you with a script for an outsourced imaging center.
  • Can I get an adjustment even if I am not in pain or injured?
    Yes, continuing treatment on a regular frequency preventions injuries as well as is ideal to continue being free from pain! Not to mention all the continue health benefits being adjusted gives you.
  • Do adjustments hurt?
    During your adjustment, Dr. Bucek will apply a controlled amount of force (pressure) to your joints, which may create a cracking or popping noise as the gas leaves your joints. While this may sound painful, it doesn't feel painful. You will not feel severe pain during a chiropractic adjustment. In fact, think of a champagne bottle having its cork removed and the pressure escaping from the bottle. Adjustments work in a similar fashion for your joints!
  • How many adjustment will I need?
    Applied repeatedly over a period of time, spinal adjustments can help restore mobility to even the most chronic spinal fixations. Deep-rooted fixations that have existed for several years typically require months of care. Fixations of lesser duration and severity respond in less time. A recent, mild fixation will often respond in as little as one treatment.
  • What do I need to bring with me to my new patient appointment with Dr. Bucek?
    Please bring your photo ID, insurance card, and form of payment. Dr. Bucek will be preforming a Myovision (non advisive) scan on your spine, so women are asked to bring a light zip up sweater or jacket to this appointment, that allow easier to expose the spine while maintaining modesty. Staff will tell you if there is anything more patient-specific that needs to be brought with you.
  • Is the back the only area that can be adjusted?
    Nope! Chiropractic adjustments can be performed on any joint in the body that can move. Shoulders, knees, wrists, hands, feet, ankles can all be adjusted to help restore better mobility and function thereby reducing pain. (Did you know….Dr. Bucek’s two favorite “non-spine” areas to treat are shoulders and ankles?)
  • What should I wear to get adjusted?
    There’s no dress code for our patients here at Bucek Chiropractic—but it is recommended that you dress comfortably. Most patients wear clothing like they would exercise in, for example. Tight jeans form fitting clothes may look good for those models on Instagram or Tik Tok; however, they aren’t very comfortable to wear while getting adjusted!
  • How do I know if my insurance covers chiropractic care?
    We are in-network with BlueCross BlueShield PPO and Aetna PPO policies. We ask for your insurance information when scheduling your new patient appointment and verify all benefits prior to your first appointment. We also encourage patients with in-network policies to call and verify your benefits yourself using the number on the back of your insurance ID card.
  • Is gratuity included in the massage prices?
    No; we do ask that you leave our massage therapist a gratuity separately. We can process gratuities on a credit card at the front desk.
  • What do I need to bring with me for a first-time massage or infrared sauna appointment?
    Please bring your photo ID and form of payment. It’s also recommended to bring water to stay hydrated before and after both services. For the infrared sauna, it’s recommended to bring reading material to your appointment since electronics are not allowed inside the sauna.
  • Do I have to be a patient of Dr. Bucek to schedule a massage or infrared sauna appointment?
    Not at all; these appointments/services do not require you to be one of Dr. Bucek’s active patients. Sometimes, based on health history, a 5-minute consultation with Dr. Bucek might be required to make sure the treatment/service would be safe and beneficial. This will be done at no additional cost and we will tell you prior to your appointment is this is needed.
  • What should I wear for an Infrared Sauna Session?
    We suggest you wear clothes as if you were doing yardwork on a hot summer day. Tank top, sports bra, shorts, etc. Shoes must be taken off before you enter the sauna. You can change your clothes at our office before and after your sauna session.
  • Can I have my cell phone in with me during an infrared sauna session?
    No electronics or plastic are allowed inside the sauna. We suggest you bring a book or reading materials with you to your appointment.
  • Does my health insurance cover massage therapy?
    Unfortunately, no. In Illinois in order for us to bill health insurance policies, the massage has to be performed by a licensed physician (Dr. Bucek). Therefore, since our licensed massage therapist performs all massage sessions, we cannot legally/ethically bill it to health insurance policy regardless of benefits/coverage. However, you can still use your FSA and HSA accounts to pay for massage at our office.
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