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Massage Therapy

Massage Room at Bucek Chiropractic
Massage Therapy

Our therapist uses your comfort and wellness goals as a guide to create an extensive customized session that is tailored specifically for you. Choose your session time from 60 to 120 minutes based on your desire to focus on specific problem areas, or treat the body from head-to-toe.

What We

Monthly Massage Membership

Our monthly massage membership is just $79.99! This includes one, 60-min massage per month! Any additional massages within the month are at a discounted rate: 

$40.00 for an additional 30 minutes

$70.99 for an additional 60 minutes

$105.99 for an additional 90 minutes

$135.99 for an additional 120 minutes

1st Time Massage Patient

As a first time client, you receive your first massage at a discounted rate:

$69.99 for 60 minutes

$99.99 for 90 minutes  

$129.99 for 120 minutes

$5.00 Ehancements

Hot Towels: (Per-Area: Feet, Back, Face, or Neck)

Prossage Oil: Natural warming oil on specific problem areas (cannot be applied to face). 

Dr. Hoy's Pain Relief Gel:

Relief of aches and pains for muscles and joints.

Dr. Hoy's Arnica Boost:

Anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling or bruising.

$15.00 Enhancements

Cupping Therapy: Helps to soften tight muscles by increasing blood flow to your body's tissues by opening lymphatic pathways. 

Microderm Hand and Foot Scrub: Designed to smooth and soften hands and feet while releasing pain of the fingers, wrist, and toes, as well as heels and arches of your feet.

Reiki: Energy healing practice done by placing the therapist's hands in a series of positions over or slightly above your body. It promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body to balance itself. 

Ear Seeding: Ear Seeds are tiny acupressure pellets that stick to your ears. Your ears are covered in powerful nerve endings that communicate with the brain. Some of the benefits of ear seeding are chronic pain relief, improves sleep, migraine relief, improves anxiety and depression, and relieves allergy symptoms. 

Regular Massage Patient

Rates for the returning massage clients:

$94.99 for 60 minutes

$139.99 for 90 minutes

$174.99 for 120 minutes

$10.00 Ehancements

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy: Helps increase circulation throughout the body, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and improve overall health.

CBD Oil Therapy: Application of the herb-infused oil to an area of the body to relieve chronic pain, soreness, daily stress, anxiety, and improve sleep.

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